German Shepherd Dogs for Sale in Ontario


Our German Shepherds are raised in pleasant and loving surroundings and are part of the family. All our German Shepherds, both puppies and adults, receive socialization and training at a young age. When selecting breeding stock, we strive to breed genetically sound German Shepherds, breeding only the best to the best. All our German Shepherds are x-rayed for hips and elbows. We are committed to our dogs and to ensuring strong and healthy lines. It is this attention to detail that assures quality German Shepherds. The results are German Shepherds with superior temperaments, highly obedient and intelligent, and well socialized and affectionate.


We are passionate about our work and are dedicated to our German Shepherds. We strive to produce German Shepherds that excel in Shutzhund, personal protection while, still making ideal companions or family pets.


We provide full service:

Puppies and young or older trained adults

Stud services

Training in both obedience and protection.


We take extreme pride in what we produce.

At Wofenhaus, the bar has been raised, and Exceptional is the standard.




At Vom Wofenhaus

The bar has been raised,

and "Exceptional" is the Standard.