German Shepherds – A Versatile Breed!

If you are looking for a dog as a pet, the first thing you are probably concerned with is safety. Even if you are a single male, you want to know that your dog will be safe around strangers, with your belongings and with guests.

But, you also want a beautiful dog who is fun to be around. Dogs are companions, and they offer a lot to anyone who has one.

The German Shepherd breed offers everything that a pet owner could need and more. With the proper German Shepherd temperament, you’ll never have to worry about it’s loyalty, and you can trust it with anyone you meet.

Here are some things German Shepherds come in handy for throughout society:

Police / Working Dogs – Police and farmers alike have utilized this intelligent breed for years. Whether you need to find criminals or herd cattle, German Shepherds come in handy. Plus, they work great as protection dogs!

Guide Dogs – While labs and golden retrievers have become more prominent in the guide dog role, the German Shepherd was originally used to help those suffering from blindness, deafness or impairments in either the eyes or ears.

Loyal Companions – Of course, if you don’t have any other needs, German Shepherds work great as companions. They act loyally, bravely and offer a lot of fun to any household!

Schutzhund Training & German Shepherds

You might not have ever heard of Schutzhund. It’s an obscure German word referring to a level of obedience and skill which determines a dog’s effectiveness for various working jobs. In some ways, Schutzhund is a sport, while in other ways, it is a test.

Instead of explaining what, exactly, Schutzhund is, let me explain why you’ll want to have your German shepherd undergo Schutzhund training:

First of all, Schutzhund enhances your dog’s skill set. Any dog can run, sniff and treat you with a certain level of obedience. However, can your dog do these things with purpose? Police find this enhances skill set especially useful, because their German shepherds can sniff out drugs, run down criminals and do so when and only when their masters say to do so. So, if you hunt or do any sort of work that a dog could help with, a Schutzhund trained German shepherd can do more than almost any other breed.

Secondly, Schutzhund increases your level of security in your home. A non-trained German shepherd can only do so much as far as guarding goes. Of course, not everyone needs that level of protection. But, if you do, consider Schutzhund training, as it will make your companion into a true protector of your home.

Keep these aspects of Schutzhund training in mind and ask us about specifics. For the optimally-trained German shepherd, Schutzhund is the way to go.

Gifting a German shepherd

At Wofenhaus Kennels, we love the holidays and so do our German shepherds.   As neighbors and fellow friends scramble through stores and gaze at computer screens looking for that great gift, you may want to consider gifting a German shepherd.


Some parents may get a dog for their children.  Dogs, particularly German shepherds, make for great pals for a child.  They’re loyal and brave.  They’re also great protection dogs.  Any responsible parent wants that for their son or daughter.  When it comes to a German shepherd, you’re not just getting your child any old dog; instead, you’re providing them with a lifelong companion who will be by their side through thick and thin.  A German shepherd will transform any child’s life for the better.


If you have recently acquired a German shepherd puppy for your family (or just for yourself), there are a few things to consider when bringing them into your home and life, to help them better adjust.  I would like to touch on socialization.


In the first few weeks, don’t leave your dog unsupervised.  You must socialize him or her and get them used to various situations.  Instill confidence in the puppy by walking him or her frequently.  The more your puppy sees the world, the braver he or she will get.  Encourage bravery and help foster your puppy’s adventurous spirit and if you have children, their adventurous spirits will grow together.  A great way to begin a relationship!


Happy holidays!


-Mark (

A successful year of showing our german shepherd: Vesta von Nummer-Eins

The new year brought a lot of excitement in our kennel – our beloved Vesta Nummer Eins,  (call name Sheena) had come home!  She has been gone from home for a year now, getting shown and promoted in Germany and Austria and making her mark on the world scene.

As we drove home from the airport after picking her up, we reminisced about this past year, and we marveled at how much she has accomplished in such a short time, and at such a young age.

As a puppy she was such a pretty girl and such a feisty one.  We loved her spirit and gave her a good solid foundation in her training while at home with us here in Canada. She had already made us proud by placing second in the youth female class in the USA Seiger Show in 2011, in Dalas, TX.

But we knew that her potential had not yet been recognized.

She had just turned two when she received her titles, gaining her IPO III.  She scored 96 in protection, the highest score in the trial. We were very excited and happy about this accomplishment, never dreaming it was only the beginning!

But we should not have been surprised.

After all, she is the daughter of our Bobo vom Arlettca.  Like him, she has the looks. She has the drive. She has the temperament.  She is a Bobo daughter – through and through.

After gaining her IPO III, she was off to the races.  Like a southern belle, she made a dramatic splash in her coming out party!

One of the big splashes was made in the Austrian Sieger Show where, in a class of nearly 40 dogs, she placed V6.  All 5 females in front of her were nothing less than VA rated females. And, to add the cherry on the top, she was awarded the Best Protection Award!

Then came the prestigious, much anticipated and revered show –  the  show of the year –  The BSZS German Sieger Show 2012!

The competition was stiff, the line up quite impressive. The class was huge, over 500 entries.  Our girl was competing against the best in the world! The crème de la crème How would she do?  Would she make us proud again?  We watched with anticipation, with bated breath. How elated we were when she placed V37 in this huge class!   And when we realized she was the youngest female in that class and had placed so high  –  well!  –  we were walking in the clouds!

But our little girl was not quite finished.  She had more to give. She had done phenomenal in the bite work the previous day, and she was awarded a Best Protection Award!  And even more impressive, was that she was not only the youngest in her class, but she now had the prestigious distinction of being the youngest female to ever win this coveted award. She was also the first German Shepherd female born outside of Germany to have won this award.

Fast forward now to NASS 2012 (the North American Sieger Show 2012).  Our little girl had even more to show us.

Our one and only Yvi handled her. She and Sheena flowed in the ring.  They were as one, a symphony, pure magic. It was like watching the northern lights in the deep dark skies – We were so mesmerized by the beauty of it– we could not look away. We were ecstatic when Sheena was placed VA5 in the working class female. This year’s show proved to have some of the best quality, highest caliber German Shepherds that the United States had seen in years.  Everyone was impressed, intimidated even. The competition was almost as stiff as the German Sieger Show itself. To accomplish such a rating in a class of such high quality specimen was incredible.

But again, our little girl had another surprise for us.  She was not only the youngest VA female,   but she again was awarded a Best Protection Award.

Our Sheena is only two and a half years old.  She has accomplished so much in her short life.  But we know she has so much more to offer .

We look forward eagerly to seeing what other surprises she has in store for us.

Visit Vesta Nummer Eins,  (call name Sheena).

Vesta von Nummer Eins

Showing Vesta von Nummer Eins : Year 2!

The show, much anticipated by all American, German, and Canadian German Shepherd breeders, was held May 10-12, 2013.  Both the protection work and the show itself was held right on the grounds of the host hotel, the Geneva Resort.  The weather was not your typical May weather.  It was cold and overcast,  at times raining, even hailing.   In spite of all the grumbling about the weather, we all preferred this cooler weather for the sake of the dogs.

The protection work was held in a field with the lake as its beautiful backdrop.  There were almost 40 dogs entered in the female class.  As always, it was exciting to watch all dogs doing their protection work.  No matter which dog was up, everyone watched closely,  wishing the dog good success.  The “aws” were audible when the shepherds completed an especially good routine, as well as the sad “oh’s”  for those that may have been having a bad day.  When it was Sheena’s turn, we sat quietly in the sidelines.  We held our breath when she stepped up to the plate.  And then she turned on and she did her thing.  It is always exciting to watch her.   I felt as if my  heart was in my throat during her whole routine. Not that I doubted that she would not do it, but just out of the sheer excitement of watching her.   She again made us proud,  when she successfully and definitively  completed the routine, and they announced she was pronounced and out.

Sunday’s weather was not any better.  Oh well, the shepherds wouldn’t mind a bit of rain!  That is one great thing about german shepherds!  They are troopers! They know that the show must go on.


And on it did go.


In catalogue order, the girls strutted their stuff.   The competition was very stiff.  There were quite a few  beautiful , german shepherd females which had placed high in Germany and elsewhere.  How would Sheena do in comparison to these other highly aclaimed females?  She had just given birth to litter of pups and was not really at her best – incidently,  her puppies are gorgeoius!  Great temperament and beautiful structure and colour.  So beautiful  in fact, that we held 2 back.  A male, which we named Puma, and a female, which we named Pistol.  Quite aptly named, for she is as quick as a bullet!  But I digress.


As I was saying, Sheena had given us a litter of puppies earlier in the year,  and she had just lost her coat as she was coming into season again.  In fact, because of her coat condition, I really did not want to put her in at all.  But Sheena gave me this look, that said“Come on Daddy, let me do it!, I won’t disappoint you!”.  How could I say no!?


So in she went.


The stiff competition, and her less than desirable hair condistion, only contrbitued to the excitement of the competion.


I’m so glad she didn’t give me that other look too.  You know that look…the “I told you so” look.  For Sheena did not disappoint, but was called out 3rd, and there she remained to achieve VA3!


We were thrilled for this additional achievement.  In spite of her hair condition, she had again marked her place by her structure and temperament.  (Speaking of temperament, did I mention that little Pistol is following in mom’s footsteps, both in temperament and structure?)

So off the Awards Ceremony we go to accept Sheena’s trophy for her VA3 placement.

We were ecstatic when Sheena was called to the podium for the first award presented that evening:  the highest American Bred  Femaile 2013!

What a prestigious recognition!  Sheena, or Vesta von Nummer Eins as she is officially called is a daughter of our  Bobo had just been recognized as highest American Bred female!  My good friend, Abhai Kaul, her breeder and handler (of von Nummer Eins) and I proudly walked up to the podium together to accept this great honour.

And all the while we were all thinking: Could this day get more exciting?

Yes it could!  For Sheena was also called out for one of the Best Protection Awards!

This was her 4th consecutive Projection Award!  Since she became fully titled, she has been in four Seiger shows, and she has received a Best Protection Award at each and every show, one which was at the The BSZS German Sieger Show 2012.  Having received this 4th Protection Award made this show even more memorable.

Finally the Working Class was brought to the podium where I shared receiving the award with Abai and Ingrid, who had both done a fabulous job of presenting our Sheena.

As we left Lake Geneva the next day – a bright sunny day! – we thought of how proud Sheena had made us:   VA3,  a Best Protection Award, and Highest American Bred Award.


You did good, little girl!