German Shepherd Breeders of Ontario Canada


German Shepherd dogs are among the most intelligent of the canine breeds. This breed is also amongst the most beautiful with their well-defined muscles and smooth curves. The breed has distinct traits and temperament. German Shepherds are fearless and are characterized by self-confidence.

They are very alert and extremely loyal.


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    German Shepherd Puppies


    If you are in search of a German Shepherd breed for sale, whether small puppy, young adult, stud, trained protection dog, executive protection dog or elite family and estate security dog and you are located in Ontario, or anywhere else in Canada, or in USA, look no further than Vom Wofenhaus Kennels, for it is here that you will find the finest quality pedigreed German Shepherd Dogs for sale.


    At Vom Wofenhaus, as breeders we take great pride in producing only quality German Shepherd Dogs. We are proud to have some of the best lines in the world in our kennel. Wofenhaus is home to VA Bobo von Arlettca. Click on We're extremely proud of our Bobo as he was V29 in the working class males - consisting of over 300 males - in the 2010 BSZS Nurenberg Germany. This is where the best of the best German Shepherds in the world compete!!

    At Wofenhaus we strive to improve not only our own kennel but the German Shepherd breed itself.... focusing on super character, correct structure and rich black and red colour. We make sure that our German Shepherds for sale come from solid pedigrees. We have been successful in producing German Shepherd dogs of beauty, courage, intelligence and loyalty, making ideal companions, protectors or guards.



    German Shepherd Puppy GUARANTEE


    Our German Shepherd dogs are our family; they are our pride and our passion. We ensure the welfare of our dogs by only selling them to responsible, loving homes not just in Canada and US, but all over the world. We encourage a continued relationship with all who purchase our German Shepherd puppies or adults. We look forward to getting feedback from the owners or hearing stories of their puppies or adult dogs because, after all, they are our extended family.


    In raising purebred puppies, we, as German Shepherd breeders, place high value on quality rather than quantity. It is, therefore, recommended that you make early reservations. We make sure that we will only offer you German Shepherd Dogs with sound mind, good structure and of excellent pedigree.

    Each German Shepherd puppy comes with a 2-year health guarantee.


    German Shepherd Training


    We compete nationally and internationally strictly under the German standards through SV Judges.


    Our head office is located in Mono Mills Ontario, only half hour from Pearson International Airport, Toronto, Ontario. Our other training facility and kennel is located on beautiful Manitoulin Island in Ontario, Canada, situated on a 240 acre parcel of land. The training center is partly groomed and partly trailed, making it great for exercising and training dogs.


    Schutzhund, Obedience and personal protection training are just some of those trainings our dogs undertake, this is to make sure that they have the appropriate traits and characteristics of a proper working German Shepherd Dog.


    We serve Ontario including Toronto, Orangeville and Barrie; we also cater Quebec and the other areas in Canada, as well as in USA or in any point on the globe..


    If you are in search of a German Shepherd breed for sale, whether small puppy, young adult, stud, or trained protection dog look no further.




At Vom Wofenhaus

The bar has been raised,

and "Exceptional" is the Standard.