Glossary of titles, German Commands


Hip & Elbow Ratings


HD Hip Dysplasia

ED Elbow Dysplasia


"a" stamp

Actual stamps applied by the German SV to either the German Pink Papers of a dog or the AKC Certified 4 generation pedigree at the time a dog receives a passing hip and elbow rating. Be sure to ask to see proof of these stamps when purchasing a puppy from any breeder. Click here to see an example. Click Here to Search the SV Zuchtwerte Database to confirm a dog has received an a-stamp from Germany, this database is updated every quarter.


“a” 1 HD normal - the best hip or elbow rating possible from the German SV

“a” 2 HD fast normal - near normal - rating given to hips and/or elbows

“a” 3 HD noch zugelassen - still acceptable for breeding - rating given to hips and/or elbows

"a"-Ausland HD certification was passed in another country rather than Germany.

OFA Orthopedic Foundation for Animals - an organization in the USA that researches HD and other health problems and certifies hips and elbows for animals with the ratings of EXCELLENT, GOOD or FAIR. Click Here to Search the OFA Database by a Dog's Name or Registration Number.


Show Ratings


VA Vorzüglich Auslese = Excellent Select - Show rating only awarded at the Sieger show in the Working Classes (Males & Females over 24 months must have Working Titles to show in the Working Class)


V Vorzüglich = Excellent - Show rating awarded in working class only. Also a SchH rating awarded to dogs who score 96 points or more out of 100 in SchH trial/competition.


SG Sehr Gut = Very Good - Is the highest possible show rating a dog can obtain in Youth Class (12-18 mos.) or Young Dog Class (18-24 mos.) Also a SchH rating awarded to dogs who score 90-95 points out of 100 in SchH trial/competition.


G Gut = Good - Show or working rating

U Unsatisfactory - Show or working rating

VP - Very Promising - the highest rating awarded to dogs under 12 months of age in the Puppy Classes (3-6 mos., 6-9 mos., 9-12 mos.)

P Promising - awarded in Puppy Classes

LP Less Promising - awarded in Puppy Classes


Working Titles


SchH Schutzhund = Protection Dog. There are 3 levels: SchH I, SchH II, SchH III.


IPO International title, equivalent to Schutzhund. There are 3 levels: IPO I, IPO II, IPO III.


AD Ausdauerprüfung - an endurance test performed by gaiting approximately six - ten miles per hour for about 12 miles with a ten minute rest halfway and a simple obedience test at the end. AD is a prerequisite for a Korung evaluation.


BH Begleithunde - Prerequisite for Schutzhund. Consists of an obedience test and a traffic/temperament test.


HGH Herdengebrauchshund  = Herding Dog


PH Polizei Hund = Police Dog

FH Fährten Hund = Tracking Dog - Advanced tracking title

SAR Search and rescue


Körung SV Breed survey - The purpose of breed survey is to select from the breeding registry a number of dogs that in their character, performance, and anatomical construction appear suitable for the conservation and improvement of the breed.


Kkl Körklasse - Breed Survey class (Kkl1 or Kkl2) In order to be breed-surveyed a dog must have a SchH, HGH or IPO title, must also have approved hips, pass an AD, and have a show-rating of G or better.


Kkl1 - the dog is especially recommended for breeding


Kkl2 - the dog is still suitable for breeding (Variations from the breed standard in conformation, such as too small or too large, a missing tooth, structural or protection work fault, etc., are issues that can cause a dog to be Kkl2 rather than Kkl1).


lbz Lebenzeit = for life - The result of a Breed Survey (Körklasse) is for life (normally after the second Survey)



Triebveranlung, Selbstsicherheit und Belastbarkeit = drive, self-confidence, and ability to handle stress - in a courage test. Ratings are “pronounced,” “sufficient” or "insufficient."


T1, T2, T3 or T4

The dog is removed from farther participation in the Sieger show due to TSB failings. Each number indicates the reason for removal.


T1 Is indicating that even though the dog has demonstrated “pronounced” TSB, the dog did not release on command during the courage test. (Did not "Out").

T2 TSB vorhanden = TSB “sufficient” – not enough to continue on in the competition.

T3 TSB nicht genuegend = TSB “insufficient”

 T4  The dog removed from farther participation due to lack of obedience or control (the dog failed all three allowed attempts to heal to the blind).


German Commands & English Translation


Heel Fuss (Fooss)

Sit:      Sitz

Stay:    Bleib

Down:     Platz

Come:    Hier

Stand:     Steh (Shtay)

Retrieve/Fetch:     Bring (Brrring)

Jump:     Hop

Go Out:     Voraus

Track:     Such (Suuk)

Guard:     Pass auf

Bite:     Packen, stell

Out/Let Go:     Aus (Ows)

Speak/Bark:     Gib laut (Geblout)

Building/Blind Search:     Voran or Revier

Kennel:     Zwinger




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